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"Mom...Dad, are you frustrated and exhausted trying to get through to your child?"

Do you find you're always nagging, or getting into a power struggle over homework, chores, bedtime, or even everyday tasks?

Feel like you may as well be talking to the wall and thinking, "It wasn't supposed to be like this!"

If all this makes you worry about what's down the're in the right place!

I'll show you how to end the struggle and enjoy PEACE at home.

Kathy Whitham


I believe your children are your biggest contribution to this life! As a parent, there is no better gift you can give your child than your own personal growth. This makes it possible for you to hear your own intuitive heart-based parenting voice and create the optimal environment for your child to be happy and successful.

My goal is to escort you with love and acceptance so you can connect to yourself and your child in ways you never imagined and enjoy your awesome family!

I invite you to continue to explore my site, find something of value and take it with you when you leave.

Kathy Whitham, RN

"Thank you...I see my son quite differently now. In fact, I think this will help me with my other children too. I think knowing the pain that he might be suffering took precedence over my pain. So then instinctively, I felt calmer. IT'S SO REWARDING WHEN WE FINALLY UNDERSTAND HOW TO HELP OUR CHILDREN."
Mother of 7 year old boy


"Energy of Change enlivens you to move forward by understanding the forces that keep you stuck, and empowering you to change how you feel in the moment."


Kathy Whitham is a registered nurse who provides parent education and child behavior consultation. She uses EFT as an educational tool to help clients manage stress. She gladly welcomes clients of all backgrounds and identities.

The information presented on this website is intended to be educational in nature. It is for your own personal use and does not qualify you to use EFT on others. It is not intended to claim to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent illness. While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results in relieving physical and psychological distress, it must still be considered experimental and is not  a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological treatment.

"Find out how EFT puts you in charge of your feelings. Relief is possible."



"I am able to be in my power by accepting how I feel at this moment. Shifting my feelings even the tiniest bit, allows a little light of hope to come in." Kathy Whitham, Energy of Change