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Discover the Missing Peace: Parenting ProgramDiscover the Missing Peace Coaching Package

How to Restore Peace at Home and Dance with Difficult Behaviors.

Most parents struggling with a child who has difficult behaviors have plenty of love but simply don't have the support they need to meet the day in and day out challenges of parenting such a child and often find themselves at the end of their rope.

The key to ending the struggle is to learn and practice Holistic Regulatory Parenting skills in a supportive, understanding environment and apply them at home.

The Discover the Missing Peace coaching package will give you the tools you need to make sense of your child's behavior, feel calm and be able to dance with your child's difficult behaviors saving years of struggle.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to become and stay calm even in the face of difficult behaviors

  • How to reprogram your own parenting software

  • How to use proven and effective strategies to diminish or eliminate difficult behaviors

  • How to restore balance in your life

  • How to access and trust your own intuitive parenting voice

Discover the Missing Peace parenting coaching brings you through a step by step process to 1) help you understand your child's behavior and 2) empower you with tools and practical strategies which you can practice first and then apply at home while receiving the loving support you need every step of the way.

Here's what the 10 session package includes:

1. Ten 1 hr private coaching sessions to be completed within 5 months

  • Learn and practice holistic regulatory parenting skills in a safe, supportive environment

  • Take care of YOU

2. A workbook to keep track of your process

3. Unlimited Parent Tech Support

  • Get support when you need it, without having to wait.

  • Call as often as you need during open hours with no additional fee.

4. On line support through a private yahoo group

  • Have access to support from other parents

  • Be able to ask questions any time

  • Know you're not alone

5. Beyond Consequences Logic and Control, by Bryan Post & Heather Forbes

  • Contains leading edge child behavior information

"Thank you for the class. I see my son quite differently now. In fact, I think this will help me with my other children too. I think knowing the pain that he might be suffering took precedence over my pain. So then instinctively, I felt calmer. IT'S SO REWARDING WHEN WE FINALLY UNDERSTAND HOW TO HELP OUR CHILDREN."
Mother of 7 year old boy

“I came to Kathy early in my first pregnancy feeling ambivalence about becoming a mother. Kathy's warmth and profound empathy created a trusting, understanding environment in which I felt immediately safe. Using EFT, she helped reveal connections between the feelings I was having and childhood experiences. As a result, I was able to HONOR PAST TRAUMAS AND FINALLY RELEASE OLD ANXIETIES.

I gained greater self-acceptance and LEARNED HOW IMPORTANT IT WAS FOR ME TO HAVE A VOICE - both presently, and at various stages growing up. Thus, as a new mother, I can see and listen to my own child with more clarity and compassion. Having found a way to interrupt the anxiety I was feeling, I now LIVE IN A MORE FULLY PRESENT WAY AND AM HAPPIER MEETING THE CHALLENGES OF MOTHERING. I know I have a tool to cope with difficult emotions should they arise again."
Rachel, Social Worker, NYC

karen & kids

"Before working with Kathy I felt A FRAGILE CONNECTION with my kids which I felt I could lose at anymoment. I felt very inadequate trying to communicate with them. When they would get angry and withdrawn or say “I don't want to be with you!” or “You don't care about me!,” I would become defensive and take it personally and feel DEPRESSED AND WORTHLESS AS A MOM.

After working with Kathy I became more understanding and ABLE TO FEEL A NEW SENSE OF LOVE and compassion toward mychildren. Now I can pause without immediately reacting to them. I am absolutely able to take their behavior less personally and not feel hurt any more when they get angry. I definitely FEEL MORE CONNECTED and have been helped by Kathy to SEE MY VALUE AS A MOM and to realize that it's a process and not something I do right or do wrong.

I would highly recommend Kathy to any parent who wants to learn a new process to bring peace and calm to the home."
Karen, mother of 4 children ages 12-19, NM

My regular fee for an individual session is $200/hr

Your investment for this 10 session package is $1497 (a savings of $503!)

Here's a reminder of what's included :

1. Ten 1 hr private coaching sessions to be completed within 5 months

2. A workbook to keep track of your process

3. Unlimited Parent Tech Support

4. On line support through a private yahoo group

5. Beyond Consequences Logic and Control, by Bryan Post & Heather Forbes

The following payment options are available:

$1497 - Paid in Full


4 easy payments of $397

"Yes, I'm ready to restore peace at home and would like to schedule a free strategy session with Kathy to explore working together with the particular problems and challenges I am facing.