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How will EFT help me?

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?

"Having EFT sessions with Kathy brought clarity to issues I worked on for years. I am now able to fulfill goals in areas of my life where I was stuck before our work together."

Marian, Spiritual Counselor
New York, NY

Think of E-motion as energy in motion. When emotions aren't allowed to move, they get locked in our bodies, stuck below our conscious awareness where they stay stuck for years! In this stuck state, they have the power to run our current behaviors and reactions without us even realizing it.

EFT is a key to unlock these stuck emotions so you can feel relief right now and be able to change how you feel in the moment.The goal is not to get rid of anything that is part of you, but rather to have your feeling be acknowledged and put in a context where you are loved and accepted no matter what you feel. That is the beauty and power of EFT.

  • Feel calm and clear
  • Be in charge of your feelings
  • Enjoy relief from emotional and physical distress.
  • Eliminate blocks to reaching your goals
  • Change unwanted behaviors
  • Facilitate healing

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of Energy Psychology, a new class of treatment modalities based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, like acupuncture. By tapping with your fingertips on certain acupuncture points, and focusing on a problem, or uncomfortable emotion at the same time, you can access your subconscious mind in ways you can’t by just thinking or talking about your problem.

The subconscious mind communicates with you through physical sensations and visual images. Using EFT you interract with the subconscious mind in a non-traumatic way which allows you to connect to yourself in new ways and gain insight and relief. Imagine EFT is like opening a window to a room you didn’t know was there. It sheds light on your problem and also lets in fresh air to move and clear it so you experience relief and feel free in the present moment.

Find out how to use EFT immediately for relief today


Watch the video to see EFT in action on real people.


 What can I expect during a typical EFT session?

First we discuss what's most important for you to work on based on your concerns and goals. If you are new to EFT, I teach you the EFT tapping points. Then, listening to both your words and the information your body is giving you through physical sensations and visual images, we work together on your issue. I guide you through the tapping points by tapping on myself while you tap on yourself. I will sometimes tap on you directly if you feel comfortable with that, but only after I ask your permission. It has consistently been my experience that clients find relief and feel better after an EFT session.
A phone session is very similar except you can be at home in your pajamas if you want. It also helps to have a minimal knowledge of the EFT tapping points. Other than that, my experience is that EFT sessions are equally effective whether in person or by phone, and it is a matter of personal preference.

Borrowing Benefits

What is Borrowing Benefits?

"Borrowing Benefits involves tapping along while someone else is undergoing EFT. Interestingly, if you keep your own issue 'in the background' while tapping for someone, you will likely resolve your issue even though you are tapping for someone else's problem. You will, in effect, be creating your own parallels and 'Borrowing Benefits' from someone else." Gary Craig

The Power of Borrowing Benefits

The Story of Tomoko

A while ago I facilitated an EFT workshop, “Aligning with Abundance.” Tomoko was one of six women who attended.She appeared somewhat reserved, but very present and engaged. We began by tuning in to our breath and noticing how it felt. Tomoko described a pain in front of her right shoulder which she had had for a long time. We then did a couple of rounds of EFT using the constricted breathing technique to relieve any constriction. After this Tomoko described her breathing as deeper but with a noticeable difference between the right and the left sides.

At that point,  I explained to the group about borrowing benefits and had each person focus on the issue the breathing had brought up for them and where they were feeling it in their body. Once they each had their focus, I told them not to think about it any more, as the subconscious knew what they were working on, and I had them tap along as I worked with one of the woman on her issue of lack of clarity. It is important to note that I didn't work specifically with Tomoko, although I continued to check in with her and the other participants. Towards the end, she stated that her shoulder pain had decreased.

Immediately after the workshop, Tomoko came over to me expessing great excitement and said “I feel there is a little child in here” pointing to her shoulder, “and she needs my attention.” I encouraged her to ask what she needed and find ways to give it to her. Despite our language difference, she clearly conveyed to me that she felt up to now she had placed a limitation on herself. After this experience with EFT, she felt there could be integration within herself and that she would be able to breath more evenly between the right and left sides of her chest.  That alone was very exciting and humbling for me as she had “only” borrowed benefits. Little did I know, there was more to come.

About 2 weeks later I ran into Tomoko. She was radiant and proceeded to enthusiastically thank me for the EFT. She went on to tell me how much had changed since then. She said, “I always thought there was just one ‘I’ but now I know there is this ‘I’ (pointing to her chest) and another ‘I’ (pointing to her shoulder). She told me that shortly after our workshop, she went to a breath workshop, where she just kept telling her inner child, “I love you” over and over. It was the first time she had ever had a conversation with a part of herself before.

As for her shoulder pain, she recently told me that it has become more and more free and she has less and less worries. She also told me that freeing her shoulder has opened the way to the process of healing the glaucoma in her right eye and that her eye also want to be free.

Simply by borrowing benefits in a group, a major healing process opened up for Tomoko. I was honored to be part of her process and will never again underestimate the power of borrowing benefits

Find out how to use EFT immediately for relief today

Thank you to Gary Craig for developing EFT and making it available to all of us.

"'When emotions are expressed…all systems are united and made whole.  When emotions are repressed, denied, not allowed to be whatever they may be, our network pathways get blocked, stopping the flow of the vital feel-good, unifying chemicals that run both our biology and our behavior.'

Candace Pert