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About Kathy Whitham, RN

Kathy WhithamAbout My Work

I lead with relationship in my life, so I take a relational approach to my work with clients. I am committed to a continual process of working on my own issues so I can be like a calm pool of water which clearly reflects my clients so they gain a new perspective on themselves and see themselves in a bigger context.

I delight in watching my clients make new connections within themselves and become ever more integrated and aligned with who they really are.

I see my job as helping clients access the resources both within and outside them in order to thrive and live well. To do that I help them understand what is blocking them from those resources and I empower them with EFT and other therapeutic tools to create change.

In addition to EFT, My work is rooted in the following:

1) Family Centered Regulatory Therapy, based on the Stress Model of Dr. Bryan Post.

2) A Family Constellation perspective based on the work of Bert Hellinger.

These underpinnings deeply inform how I relate to the inner child that frequently shows up when I do EFT with my clients. They are also my resources for my own grounding and alignment.

My Credentials

  • Registered Nurse since 1986, currently working in pediatrics
  • EFT Level 1,2 & 3 and current supervision from Carol Look, EFT Master, New York City
  • Yoga teacher training certification in 2000 from Alison West of Yoga Union

My background also includes breath work, dance, prenatal fitness and childbirth education.