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How Would It Feel To Really Be Heard?
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 Dear Kathy,
Welcome to the first issue of the Energy of Change newsletter. I hope you are having a funderful (yes, you read that right) summer! My summer has been full of family, friends and creating a website. Such abundance!  I will be launching my new website, in the very near future and will have some exciting new services to let you know about. Meanwhile, enjoy the newsletter, breath deeply, and  be well.

Enjoy the newsletter, breath deeply, and  be well.

                                                 Warm regards,
                                                       Kathy Whitham


PS. In the Quick Links box to the left is a link to a teleclass on Tuesday, August 26th at 7 pm EST,  EFT for Chronic Illness and Serious Disease. I will be participating in it as a client! Hope you can join us.

How Would It Feel to Really Be Heard?
The Story of Rachel & Esme
     A friend of mine recently said, "It's been a long journey, finding my voice!" How many of us are still trying to find our voice, longing to speak our truth or feel we were never really heard? Here is an inspiring story about a new baby who starts being heard at the very young age of four weeks thanks to EFT.
     Rachel came to me early in her pregnancy. She was concerned about what kind of mom she would be because she didn't feel much of a connection to her baby. As we worked together over the months she began to connect in a new way to her own inner child. It was this connection that led her to feel more and more connected to her growing baby.    
     I visited Rachel when her baby girl was only 4 weeks old.  She was having a hard time with the stress of figuring out the "right" way to feed the baby. There were so many voices telling her different things, she didn't know what to do. The stress made it impossible to hear her own guidance. At one point she said in frustration, "I just want her to eat when I want her to!"
    All of a sudden she could hear how demanding she could be on Esme. We used EFT to let her own inner child have the tantrum she needed to express her feelings of fear and powerlessness in the face of this tiny, vulnerable life. We exaggerated the "needing to be demanding feeling" and in the process, we were able to soothe her fear. Once she felt calm and safe, Rachel said, " I am aware that I can and need to listen to Esme and take her lead on some things." Then she added, "I feel like I opened a door to my daughter."    
     In that moment, Esme gets to be heard and feel safe in every cell of her little body. A door of communication is opened between her and her mom. Without having to struggle to be heard, imagine what will be possible for her.
Tip of the Month
 Using EFT Ahead of Time
Is there something coming up in the near future that causes you distress to think about? Did you know you can eliminate the stress ahead of time, so you will be able to cope well at the time?

Think of something coming up in the near future that you are nervous or worried about. It could be an event an interview, a person you will be seeing, a doctor's appointment, etc.
As you think about the issue or person, notice any sensations you have in your body. In other words, where is the distress located. If possible, use a couple of adjectives to describe it like tight, rippling, greenish-black, hard, etc. Rate the intensity on a scale of 1-10
Once you have a clear awareness of the sensation, tap as follows.
KC: Even though i have this (describe the sensation and where it is) when I even think about (the event, seeing so and so, etc.), I accept who I am and how I feel.

Repeat the set up statement 2 more times ending with
"I deeply and completely love and accept myself," or "I accept my (body part) and how it feels," or "I choose to feel calm and confident anyway."

Continue the tapping sequence below:

EB: This (sensation, describe it) in my (body part)
SE: This (sensation) in my (body part)
UE: Just thinking about (the issue/person)
UN: This (sensation) in my (body part) and all it means
CH: This (event/person) feeling
CB:  This (event/person) feeling in my (body part)
UA:  This (event/person) feeling and all it reminds me of
H:     I have this feeling in my (body part) and that's OK

Take a deep breath and think about your upcoming event. Notice what the sensation is now and whether it has changed or moved.

Repeat the sequence as many times as you need to to bring the intensity down. Just change the words to "this remaining (sensation)." Then go calmly and confidently into your upcoming experience, remembering to breath deeply.

Fall Preview
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Is there something in your life you've been putting off?

Do you hear your self saying:

  • I don't feel ready yet.   
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Are you ready to go for it?

Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Email me to register and for more details. Payment can be made by check or PayPal. I look forward to seeing you there!

I hope you enjoyed the newsletter. Please send me any questions you have about EFT so I can address them in future newsletters. I would also love to hear your suggestions for Tapping Group topics.

Kathy Whitham
Energy of Change


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