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 Dear Kathy,
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by parenting? This month my focus is on parenting issues and how EFT can help parents (and others who care for children), navigate the sometimes overwhelming stresses of raising children. That word, "overwhelm" appears often in this newsletter because it is something we as parents often feel. It is a feeling that prevents both us and our children from thriving.

EFT gives us a powerful tool to put us in charge of the emotions that cause the stress that keeps us from thriving. We can interrupt that vicious cycle.

So, what is the energy of change? A dancer friend of mine recently choreographed a beautiful dance piece called, "If You Can't Get There From Here, Stand Still."  Yes, stand still, in that calm, fully present space of love that allows connected relationship with ourselves and our children. Change becomes possible when we are present and can respond with choice rather than react from our past or from fear about the future.  EFT gives us access to the emotions that keep us from living in that calm place and gives us a tool for permanent change.

Finally, if you are not a parent, you are certainly the child of parents! So much of the self talk we have comes from our parents. This is an opportunity for you to connect to your inner child in order to provide a more thriving environment for her or him and thus for you now.

Enjoy the newsletter, breath deeply, and  be well.

                                                 Warm regards,
                                                       Kathy Whitham

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed By Parenting?

Experience the power of EFT to:

  • Calm stress & anxiety
  • Decrease feelings of overwhelm
  • Gain control of difficult behaviors
  • Attune more fully to your child(ren)
  • Create permanent change

What is EFT ?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a cutting edge self help tool that relieves emotional and physical distress by tapping on certain acupuncture points with your fingertips.

What is a Tapping Circle?
A Tapping Circle is a place to experience the  benefits of EFT in two powerful ways:
  1. Working one on one in a group setting with an experienced EFT practitioner to bring relief to your specific issue
  2. Tapping along with other participants as they use EFT to clear their issues. This is called Borrowing Benefits and it effectively clears your issue along with theirs.
No previous EFT experience is necessary. Everyone gets a chance to work and it is not necessary to share your issue out loud for EFT to be effective.

All levels are welcome.

WHEN: Monday November 10, 2008
TIME: 6:00-8:00 pm
WHERE: CRS (Center for Remembering and Sharing)
            123 4th Ave. (between 11th/12th)
            New York City
COST: $35

Pre-register now (space is limited)

Same as the Tapping Circle but by phone
WHEN: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
TIME: 10:00-11:00 am
WHERE: In the convenience and comfort of your home.
COST: $25

You will receive the call in number and access code when you register. Register now.

From Overwhelm to Action!
 How EFT Transformed Complete Overwhelm
Into Calm Action

Irene is a single, self-employed mother of a 12 yr old boy adopted from overseas. He has difficult behaviors due to his early history of trauma. She came to her EFT session feeling completely overwhelmed. She had so much to do and a strong feeling of "I have to get it done." Despite the urgency, she felt "stuck in inaction, couldn't even imagine a baby step to take" and her "head felt muddy." In addition, she couldn't face the thought of her son coming home from school later that day, and all the chaos and upset that would bring as his behavior had been very out of control lately.

Although she could understand that his recent behavior was coming from his stress about the transition of school ending soon, at this moment she wasn't able to deal with his behavior. Irene shared that she couldn't do anything but cry. When we checked in with her breathing, it was constricted and she felt like there was a weight, "like a pile of heavy books" pressing down on her head.

We tapped on the sensations around the breathing and the heavy books and what came up was that she felt alone and unsupported. I used EFT on this alone, unsupported feeling and the physical manifestation of her wanting to curl up in a ball. It was clear that these feelings she was in touch with came from a younger emotional age. As we continued to use EFT on these feelings frozen in her cell memory, they began to melt. She was able to feel soothed and gradually calm down.

What emerged between us after that was the image of building a scaffolding around her to shore her up and help support the weight of those "books." This resonated strongly for her and she was really able to feel the support in a kinesthetic way whereby the weight she felt earlier became much lighter. Her body uncurled, her breath became easier and deeper and she felt able to think more clearly. EFT had made it possible for her to feel supported despite her history.

When I asked her to imagine her son coming home from school, she said "it feels fine." In her mind's eye, she saw them sitting together and talking. What a dramatic change from an hour earlier when she couldn't face the thought of her son coming home from school! I then asked her if she could now imagine some baby steps to take. Her reply was that she could definitely see herself putting in a couple hours of work later that evening. Quite a difference from not even being able to imagine a baby step to take.

When I followed up later to see how the evening went she said it had gone very well and she had also had a great interaction with her son after school.

What I love about EFT is it empowers us to take a baby step. We don't have to leap a chasm to experience significant change. We just have to start off in a better direction and that carries its own momentum.
I hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter. Please send me any questions you have about EFT and I'll address them in future newsletters. I would also love to hear about anything you wish to focus on in the Tapping Circle.
Kathy Whitham
Energy of Change